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Evolve Value ~and~ Impact Lives [EVIL]

Evolve Value - Because everyone loves saving money on tickets

Impact Lives - Because we don't suck

                                  In the end, you won’t remember the time spent working or mowing your lawn.

So climb that goddamn mountain.

— Jack Kerouac


At Evil Tickets, we have a vision to empower a generation with better access to those unforgettable experiences across the country, especially after they’re sold out and finding affordable, reliable tickets gets harder and harder as the event gets closer. We are an online ticket provider and hotel booking platform that has changed the way show-goers, festival seekers and all-round party animals think about getting tickets to their favorite events online, by not only providing access to great deals on tickets but by adding a new type of value to impact the lives of those in need with a portion of every ticket sold. 

So what does that mean for you? Well, at the end of the day our aim is to keep more money in your pockets so you can experience more and feel good doing it.

Experience More

Whether you’re looking for a penthouse in the Big Apple and tickets to Governor’s Ball or just a cheap room to crash in post show with a hot shower in Rothbury after three days at Electric Forest, we’re here to make sure you make it there no matter what. Our platform makes it easy to get to that epic SOLD OUT music festival you’ve wanted to attend for years, or to fly out and visit your best friend and catch a show or a ball game while you’re there.

Feel Good

As avid music seekers ourselves, we started realizing that some of our largest expenses were being made to faceless organizations who had no idea who we were, nor did they care about anything beyond taking our money. More importantly, we had no idea what these corporations were doing with our hard earned cash. As two guys not only passionate about volunteering and giving back but also avid show goers, experience seekers and self-proclaimed music aficionados, we set out to build a company that would combine our passions with a mission to make a difference.

Designed to Evolve Value and Impact Lives (EVIL), we have gotten involved with some amazing non-profits over the years, and are proud to be able to say that becoming key contributors to many of their causes is the main goal of our business. That is why we’ve pledged to give a significant portion of every ticket sold to these amazing causes that are changing people’s lives for the better as long as there are events to sell tickets for. And yes, when we say a significant amount we mean it, our big goal is to be giving away a dollar for every dollar we make. We believe that giving back to our communities and to those in need is the single most important thing that we can do. 


So what’s better than just saving money so you can do more on that next adventure? We think it’s knowing that you're doing a little part to make the world a better place at the same damn time.

Listen to Jack, and go climb that goddamn mountain. We’ll just here to help you get there.


The Secret Sauce


Exclusive Tickets 

The Evil Tickets platform provides access to one of the largest ticket marketplaces nationwide and gives our customers exclusive deals on a vast inventory of tickets to concerts, sporting events, and theater/comedy performances around the country. 

Advance Purchase:

On Evil Tickets, access to specific concerts or shows are often available before other sites have even announced their pre-sales allowing our customers to buy before others even have inventory to list.

Sold Out Shows:

We Consider ourselves THE most competitive sellers of tickets to SOLD OUT shows, festivals, games and events creating a safe, secured marketplace for verified and guaranteed tickets to be purchased online. No more need for dangerous meetings with someone you’ve never met from an ad online with cash on hand to buy tickets that may very well be counterfeit leaving you empty handed and refused access at the gate. We’ve all heard the horror stories and some of us have been there before ourselves. Trust us, it’s not somewhere you want to be.

Competitive Pricing:

Our unique inventory allows customers to shop and save on tickets with capabilities that are uncommon to the big name sellers that are more widely known today. Demand driven prices on shows around the country means that ticket prices can be purchased far below face value if supply is up for a certain event.


Hotel Accommodations

Private Rate Pricing 

With rate parity laws, we can’t publish hotel prices publicly because our prices are below standard list price. Instead, we offer a private rate via text or email that allows the transaction to remain private without breaking any rules.

We’re constantly adding new cities and hotels all the time. Just submit an inquiry and our friendly hotel gurus will you with your travel.


Any other questions?

We're happy to chat! Just drop us a line on our contact page and we'll jump on a call with you to answer any questions.

Happy 2019 fun season!

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